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Alumni Spotlight

After 30 years in Alpine, we have watched hundreds of young people grow into outstanding adults. So as part of our anniversary, we’d like to recognize some of our many successful, innovative, and interesting AMS alumni. Please message us if you’re a former student and would let us feature you! 

AMS Alumni SpotlightKiowa Sibley-Cutforth

Kiowa is owner and designer for Fabrica (www.fabrica309.com). She attended Montessori from age two through 5th grade, with Joyce Downing and Vicki Wilson as her guides. 

Her favorite AMS memory: “Sitting at Circle. I think we had Circle every day before recess. Joyce read to us for about thirty minutes and the books were mesmerizing. I can vividly remember her reading The Tripod Trilogy by John Christopher and getting lost in the story.”

How AMS influenced who she is today: “AMS fostered my creativity through doing school plays, helping with snack-time to the wonderful trips we made to Washington DC and Virginia. I recently came across my old journals that Joyce had us write in everyday. This self reflection on a daily basis was a huge help to my confidence and strengthened my self-discipline.” 

What she loved most about AMS: “The family atmosphere that AMS provided was very special. Every child's uniqueness was emphasized and celebrated. If I had been in a different educational atmosphere I do not think I would have felt free to be myself quite like I did at AMS.”