Summer Camps at Alpine Montessori!

posted Apr 5, 2013, 7:46 AM by Amy E   [ updated Apr 15, 2013, 6:13 PM ]

All camps run Monday through Friday, 8 AM to Noon and are for children ages 6 to 12. 
Register by May 15th for best rate, space is limited to 15 children for each camp!

June 10th - June 21st (2 weeks)
Constructing the Garden  During these two fun-filled weeks the children will not only be learning about plants and gardening but they will also become familiar with the tools of the trade, including those used in the construction of a greenhouse. Marie Heidrick, certified Montessori instructor for grades 1st through 6th, will guide the children through every step of the process. If your child is interested in growing things, likes to work with their hands, and would like to learn how to use tools, then they will love this camp. The class will explore different greenhouses and research what makes a greenhouse so special and how it works, ultimately building one for the school! This camp will incorporate making decisions based on our new found knowledge about the best shape and placement for our greenhouse. This will all be researched and planned with the students. Students will also learn how to work with certain tools involved in the project. Architecturally drawing a plan, measuring all parts, hammering, sawing, using a power drill, painting... life skills that surely won’t go to waste. We also plan to build pots out of wood and craft pots out of clay for the children to take home.  $250

June 24th - June 28th (1 week)
Travel on the Energy Bus to Happy, U.S.A!
What gives us energy and happiness as we travel the road of Life? How can we be our own unique self while encouraging others to be their unique self, too?  Join Montessori instructor Linda Wright as she steers the Energy Bus through Montessori lesson plans, activities, and projects that help children learn about what it takes to be happy and fulfilled! The children will explore various forms and needs of energy, from the importance of good nutrition and care of the body to conventional and alternative fuel sources and on to conflict resolution through the Montessori Peace Process.  Put together, the children learn key components to happy satisfaction in a sometimes confusing world.  The Energy Bus makes lots of fun stops along the way to Happy, U.S.A. and your child will walk away with everything she/he needs to navigate their way to happiness.  $125

July 1st - July 26th (4 weeks)
Act Up!  Sessions I and II
During Alpine Montessori’s “Act Up!” drama camp, Amy Ellis will bring children from ages 6 — 12 together for a month of fun, learning and performance. In Session I, children will begin with games that teach basic theater skills. They will also participate in light yoga, voice exercises and story telling. In the second week they will jump into improvisational acting and learning basic stage direction. Session II is a continuation of the camp, where students will select a play and hold auditions for parts and positions. We will spend these two weeks on rehearsing, building our sets, acquiring props and memorizing our lines with a performance for parents and friends to be held Saturday, July 27th.   Session I is a prerequisite for Session II. No camp July 4th. $225 per session.

The primary class will be open all day during these weeks for a limited number of students, please reserve your spot today.