Parent Workday Saturday!

posted Nov 2, 2011, 10:21 AM by Unknown user
Please note that this Saturday, November 5th, we will be having a work day at the school.  We have a long list of items to tick off so if you need volunteer hours or just want to help out we could certainly use lots of hands.  We will begin at 8:30 and finish up by 12:30.  Bring kids if you'd like... believe it or not, it's always a good time!

Below is a list of chores that we will be working on...

--sturdier shelves in the "purple pantry" -- the shelf under the breaker box covers part of the breaker box and the plastic shelves are wobbly
--purple pantry needs organized 
--purple pantry needs ceiling tiles installed
--patio/garden shed area needs organized--some of that stuff probably shouldn't be there--mops, fans, bags of concrete, etc.
--wood around gravel on playground is disintegrating and comes off... really need to get this fixed
--elem storage needs next step of organizing
--elem. classroom needs more lighting
--install 1/2 panel in ceiling by filter
--hvac filter in elem needs changed
--floor in kitchen in main building needs to be nailed down in a spot (diagram provided at work day)
--toilet paper holders in elementary bathrooms have been installed too tight making it difficult for the children to change out rolls. 
--flagstone/gravel needs to be installed in walkway between buildings all the way to the path from main building to front door of elementary.
--gate latch between buildings sticks since frame was re-glued into the wall.

Also, we have a job that can be done at home:
----someone to make a math check book--with direction from Susan R. (which she can write in advance)

And one that needs to be scheduled with Susan Wright during the week, mornings being best:
----library books are mostly all marked--need colored tape on them and maybe clear packaging tape over that

And one final wish is for a sturdy table for the back office that will hold the paper cutter... doesn't have to be pretty or fancy, just the right dimensions.

Thanks for all you do!!