October's Virtue: Flexibility

posted Oct 12, 2012, 11:05 AM by Amy E
We selected Flexibility as the virtue of focus for the month of October. This widely overlooked virtue is one of the most important in our everyday work. Flexibility allows us to change course when we find boulders in our path, it also allows us to make mistakes without feeling crushed by them.

No matter how well-prepared we are, no matter how ordered our lives, things do not always go as planned. We have a choice when our plans fall through: we can claim defeat and give up, or we can adjust our goals to suit our situation and forge ahead. It is far more productive (and pleasant) to focus on what we CAN do than what we wanted to do but couldn’t.

Flexibility is necessary for people to work together. We must try to find a peaceful medium in which our divergent interests can be served. When a person or organization remains rigid and refuses to alter their demands, they put their private interests above all others and no one profits in the end.

It is incredibly valuable to be able to stop and assess your situation with an eye towards solutions. Those who are able to be flexible can spot opportunities for change and growth in unexpected places. It is important to have goals and aspirations, it is even more important to allow those to change as your circumstances shift.

At Alpine Montessori, we believe remaining flexible in our daily operations helps us to best serve students, families and staff. We are all in a constant state of change and we must keep our minds and hearts open when dealing with our fellow humans.