Galloping into the Fall Semester

posted Aug 1, 2012, 6:21 PM by Alpine Montessori

With twenty-six days left before the school year begins, Alpine Montessori teachers and staff are gearing up to ring in the fall semester. The classrooms are getting re-arranged, new materials put into place and teachers are overflowing with new ideas.


This year finds Marie Hedrick heading up the Elementary classroom as lead teacher. Marie has been working tirelessly to polish up the curriculum and create a learning space that will excite and stimulate her students. Her enthusiasm and energy spark children to stretch their limits, and we look forward to watching her class blossom this year. She will be assisted by Toni Sands, a long-time Montessori assistant and current Masters’ of Education student. Amelie Urbancyk is stepping in to temporarily fill the role of Assistant Director for the school as the staff adjusts to their new responsibilities.  She will be assisted by Amy Ellis who will work part-time in the library and field staff/parent communications for the Primary classroom.


 In the Primary classroom, Mayra Dutchover will be returning fresh from Houston Montessori Training Center where she has been working towards the first stage of her Montessori teacher certification. She is already brimming with ideas and is eager to share her new skills with her students. Susan Wright will be teaching alongside Mayra. Susan has been working with students in both Primary and Elementary for many years and brings her exceptional abilities and love of teaching into the classroom. They will be joined by a new assistant, Selena Carpenter from Mariposa Montessori in Austin. Selena has several years of experience assisting in Montessori schools in the Austin area and will be pursuing her certification while working with us.

With so many talented staff members, we are destined for great things this year. We look forward to growing with you, our Montessori family. Now more than ever we need parents to jump in and offer their skills. If you have a talent and are willing to share, please let it be known. We need all skill sets, whether to assist in the classroom directly or to help build a better school through repairs and maintenance. When we all lend a hand, we teach our children the value of community.