Considering Montessori for the elementary years?

posted Mar 25, 2014, 9:56 AM by Amelie Urbanczyk   [ updated Mar 25, 2014, 10:04 AM ]
As parents of children in the primary classroom begin to ponder where their child will go to school next year, we would like to offer some websites that may help with their decision. Of course, we encourage all families to continue on the Montessori path to the extent that it is offered in their community. However, this is a big commitment and one that should be made with a full comprehension of what the Montessori method can offer a child after the primary years. When a child enters the elementary classroom in the first year, he will see many familiar materials, along with new and more advanced works, in a beautiful and carefully arranged environment. As he learns how to further his understanding of these familiar materials in a more advanced instruction, his mind opens to the many possible concepts that have culminated from the basic ideas introduced in the primary classroom. Even children with no previous Montessori exposure will thrive in a Montessori elementary classroom. While meeting all the age appropriate core requirements of a public school setting, the Montessori classroom allows the child time to go deep into a subject for optimum comprehension through long uninterupted work periods and varied curriculum choices. First hand accounts are the best testimony to what happens when children further their Montessori education into the elementary years. Please take a look at the following links to read more... and see for yourself and schedule an observation by calling the office today, 432-837-2173: