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Since 1989 Alpine Montessori School has been providing children with a hands-on education that fosters curiosity and independence, sparking a lifelong love of learning. 

AMS excited to welcome students back on August 19!

Everyone at Alpine Montessori is eager to get back to the school, and it is our goal to continue to offer the most enriching education possible while following safe guidelines. We expect to welcome students back to campus on August 19th. 
The staff and administration have participated in many discussions with doctors and the greater Montessori community to establish safe practices and anticipate possible modifications to our normal schedule. At this point we are planning to have a few different instruction formats in place for possible scenarios that may arise during the school year. We will be operating at a smaller capacity in each classroom as part of our social distancing measures, and we currently have a waitlist for each classroom. If and when the pandemic poses less of a threat in our region, we will maintain strict sanitation procedures and implement social-distancing measures to minimize student contact in the classrooms, which we've outlined in new health and safety policies. If the pandemic risk is great, our teachers will be prepared to quickly transition to a cohesive distance-learning program. Our brainstorming and research is on-going, but we expect to begin the school year strong and continue offering a great Montessori education to families in the Big Bend region.

As the school is operating at reduced capacity, donations are more helpful than ever. If you would like to offer financial support to our school through this difficult time, you can donate through PayPal:

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Celebrating 30 Years of Alpine Montessori SchoolThanks to all of the donors and guests who helped us celebrate our 30th anniversary at our Pearl Anniversary Gala & Silent Auction!

We'll be honoring some of our former students as part of the 30th anniversary celebration too in the Alumni Spotlight. Please contact the school if you're an AMS alumni and would like to be featured.

The Great Lessons begin again

posted Aug 23, 2019, 4:12 PM by Alpine Montessori   [ updated Aug 23, 2019, 4:13 PM ]

Great LessonsThe 2019-2020 school year has begun! Our elementary classroom began with the beginning, as always. 

Elementary guide Amy Ellis describes these Great Lessons, which kick off every Alpine Montessori school year: "We begin with the First Great Lesson, which talks about the Big Bang and leads to the formation of stars, galaxies, our solar system, and our Earth. It goes as far as the beginning of our atmosphere and the beginning of the water cycle starting as the Earth cools.

The "Immutable Laws of the Universe" are the laws which govern all of creation (existence, however people want to view it)—such as heavier, denser matter sinks and lighter matter rises to the top; all matter attracts matter and the more dense the matter, the greater the gravity. Solid matter that is heated enough becomes liquid and then gas. After the lesson, the children go to choose an experiment to explore these laws. We later come together to discuss what they observed.

The "Great Lessons" are impressionistic, meaning we don't intend for the students to be able to recite back all of the material presented, and inspire curiosity about chemistry, biology, history, and geography.

The next "Great Lesson" is The Coming of Life, in which we discuss the very first known organism and all of the periods of the development of life, stopping right before humans, who get the third lesson. The fourth is The History of Writing, and the last is The History of Math. Every lesson from lower to upper elementary springs from these Great Lessons."

Adolescent Program

posted May 8, 2019, 7:25 AM by Alpine Montessori   [ updated May 8, 2019, 7:36 AM ]

Thirty years ago, Alpine Montessori School pioneered Montessori education in the Big Bend region. This year the school built on that legacy by introducing a new Montessori program for 7th and 8th grades. The Big Bend Gazette and Big Bend Sentinel featured our Adolescent Program in their most recent issues. Read the story on our website.

Open Houses May 7 and 11

posted May 8, 2019, 7:11 AM by Alpine Montessori   [ updated May 8, 2019, 7:14 AM ]

Interested in learning about Montessori, meeting our teachers, and seeing our classrooms? Find out why children and parents love our early-childhood through eighth-grade programs at our two Open Houses on Tuesday, May 7, from 6-7pm and Saturday, May 11, from 3-4pm. More info and updates on our Facebook page

Thank you for visiting our website!

posted Sep 6, 2017, 9:32 AM by Alpine Montessori

Please enjoy the posts below from previous years. More recent news regarding our day-to-day activities can be found on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AlpineMontessori/

2016-2017 Enrollment

posted Jun 24, 2016, 5:15 PM by Amy E

While our school is continuing to operate at a reduced enrollment level for summer sessions, we are still accepting applications for incoming students for the fall. Our summer sessions are available to those who are enrolled for the upcoming school year.

Our primary program (ages 3-6) requires that students be fully potty-trained. Parents are invited to make an appointment to meet with the teachers by calling or emailing our administrator. All of our forms for application, including the Parent Handbook, are available in our "Forms & Files" section found in the left-hand sidebar. 

Our elementary program (ages 6-12) is currently full, but we are accepting applications for our "wait list". Please email or call to make an appointment to speak with the administrator about our elementary program. All forms are available in the "Forms & Files" section found in the left-hand sidebar.

We adhere to the Alpine Independent School District calendar as closely as possible. Following their dates, our first day of school will be August 22nd. We will have a Parent Orientation on the previous Friday. Whether you are a new family, or returning, we ask that you send at least one parent representative to the orientation.

Thinking about Montessori? Fall tours happening now!

posted Sep 2, 2015, 7:42 AM by Amelie Urbanczyk

Part of our mission at Alpine Montessori is to empower and inspire each student to reach her or his full academic, emotional, physical, and spiritual potential. There is so much happening at the school this year, we welcome you to call the office and schedule a tour in order to see for yourself. Our classes are still accepting students ages 3 to 12 for enrollment in the 2015-16 school year. Scholarships are available! Call today: 432-837-2173, or email admin@alpinemontessori.org. You can also find us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AlpineMontessori) for a glimpse into the classrooms. We look forward to hearing from you!

2015-2016 Enrollment

posted May 26, 2015, 12:41 PM by Alpine Montessori

The school will be closed for the summer but you can still schedule campus tours and meetings with the administration and staff anytime! If you are considering Montessori for your child, we'd love to hear from you. Messages can be left on our office answering machine by calling (432)837-2173. We will check it weekly. However, email may offer a quicker response at admin@alpinemontessori.org. A good place to start as you navigate our website is the Forms and Files tab located in the left-hand margin. There you will find our Parent Handbook and enrollment forms, both loaded with information about our school. You can also check out our Facebook page to get a glimpse of how we spend our days. Thank you for considering Alpine Montessori. We look forward to hearing from you!

Spring and the Gardens of the Mind

posted Mar 21, 2015, 9:33 PM by Amy E   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 6:58 PM ]

As we head into the final stretch of our school year, we welcome spring and the resurgence of growth in the natural world. Spring is a time for new beginnings and planning for the crops we will tend and harvest in the coming seasons. Our elementary students are seeing the fruits of their studies as they learn to apply all of the skills they have gathered over the last three quarters. They will begin their work in the garden and further develop their observational skills while  seeing the direct impact of our water cycle during our impressive El Niño activity this season. As they deepen their understanding of the natural world, they are also exploring the cultures and history of other countries across the world. We draw these lessons together by highlighting the contributions of other cultures to our own, from the source of the modern roman alphabet to the birth of numbers.

Our third year primary students (kindergarten) have been invited in to participate in several lessons in the past quarter. They get a glimpse of what being in the elementary class could be like by having a chance to view our lessons and sit in on our discussions. We will bring them over to join us more frequently as the quarter progresses. 

This is the time of year in which choices for the future are on our minds. Families will make the decision whether to join us for the elementary cycles (6-9 and 9-12). We encourage families to set up a time to observe the classroom. The teachers are also available for meetings after school or on some weekends if parents would like to ask questions about how the elementary class works and what benefits it might confer to their child.

Our class of exiting kindergarten students are at a particular advantage if they choose to enter our elementary program. They will be working with teachers who know them well, with the support of the teachers who have guided them for the past several years. Our primary and elementary teachers work together to ensure that incoming kindergartners are met with work that challenges and inspires them.

We'd like to address a few reasons that parents choose to not enroll in the elementary program:

    My child will have a hard time adjusting to public school if they do not start their studies there in the first grade: We have students who enter our elementary program and stay for the entire 1-3rd grade cycle, we have students who exit any time from 4th to 6th grade — thus far, those students have been more likely to be on the honor roll in the public school they attend. The primary goal of our elementary curriculum is to give students the tools to learn on their own and the confidence to pursue their interests. With these skills, our students can tackle any situation with grace.

    My child will be left out if they don't meet with their peers in the public school and begin to forge friendships early: Over the years we have learned that children are very flexible and learn quickly to adapt to new situations. Montessori children often make friends easily because they are equipped with the confidence that an autonomous environment can instill. Sometimes adults can look at things like using lockers, switching classrooms, and the unfamiliar programs at the public school as being a terrific challenge for the incoming new student. In reality, our alumni have mastered these new situations within days, particularly when endowed with the positive sense of exploration and problem solving that we have nurtured in the Montessori classrooms.

    My child will be bored in a public school if they stay in the Montessori program for too long: We've observed the opposite in our alumni. Students in our program have their days full of various choices, and they realize that once they've finished one work it is time to begin another. If the work they are doing in their new environment is easily mastered, the children find other ways to challenge themselves. They often become leaders in their school community and find the time to volunteer and join enrichment programs. A Montessori student is never bored, they have the skills to expand their interests!

    It is too expensive: We continue to work toward growing our scholarship program and offer various levels of support. To this end we invite you to discuss options with the administration. We employ fundraising and grant writing in our efforts to boost our scholarship abilities and welcome suggestions and help. If you have ideas or talents that would benefit the school, be sure to mention this when you talk to the administrator about possible financial aid.

Please call or email admin@alpinemontessori.org to schedule an observation of the elementary classroom or a meeting with a teacher to discuss your child's elementary choices. Thank you for all that you do, and thank you for being a part of our family.

Now Enrolling!

posted May 21, 2014, 9:30 AM by Alpine Montessori   [ updated May 21, 2014, 9:33 AM ]

We are now accepting applications for admission to both our primary and elementary classes for the 2014-15 school year. Please call the office at 432-837-2173 to speak with Amelie about space for your child. We serve children ages 3 to 6 in the primary class, and 1st through 6th grades in the elementary class. To learn more about the school, consider scheduling a tour of the campus and be sure to peruse this site for more information. All newsletters from this year are available by clicking on the Newsletter link to the left. Take a look to see what we've been busy with all year! We look forward to hearing from families that are interested in our programs.

Considering Montessori for the elementary years?

posted Mar 25, 2014, 9:56 AM by Amelie Urbanczyk   [ updated Mar 25, 2014, 10:04 AM ]

As parents of children in the primary classroom begin to ponder where their child will go to school next year, we would like to offer some websites that may help with their decision. Of course, we encourage all families to continue on the Montessori path to the extent that it is offered in their community. However, this is a big commitment and one that should be made with a full comprehension of what the Montessori method can offer a child after the primary years. When a child enters the elementary classroom in the first year, he will see many familiar materials, along with new and more advanced works, in a beautiful and carefully arranged environment. As he learns how to further his understanding of these familiar materials in a more advanced instruction, his mind opens to the many possible concepts that have culminated from the basic ideas introduced in the primary classroom. Even children with no previous Montessori exposure will thrive in a Montessori elementary classroom. While meeting all the age appropriate core requirements of a public school setting, the Montessori classroom allows the child time to go deep into a subject for optimum comprehension through long uninterupted work periods and varied curriculum choices. First hand accounts are the best testimony to what happens when children further their Montessori education into the elementary years. Please take a look at the following links to read more... and see for yourself and schedule an observation by calling the office today, 432-837-2173: 




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