Educational Toys & Games

There are a wealth of toys, books and games that are great gift ideas for the Montessori child. Pass this list on to your friends and grandparents. Any items purchased using the links on this page will benefit the school.


A favorite in the classroom, this set helps children with pattern recognition, fine motor skills and mathematical thinking. The colorful shapes can be used to create mosaics long after they have mastered the patterns on the boards.


Sorting Pie

This fun and durable toy helps teach and reinforce early counting skills. The tweezers also aid in fine motor skill development.

The movable alphabet is a great tool used to teach and reinforce early reading skills and beginning spelling. Uses for this in the home are boundless.

An Egg is Quiet

This beautifully illustrated book captures the imagination and brings nature alive for children. Every page includes small facts about eggs, from their purpose to their conclusion. This author also has other wonderful books illustrated and written in the same manner, a perfect addition to any child's library.